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Join me on a journey to a healthier life

Hi, I'm Harrison an a ordinary 13 year old boy from the Midlands and this blog is about my journey towards a healthy, happier life. It's about eating healthily and about exercising and getting active. My journey started when I received an NCMP letter, and you can read more about it hear. Since then it's become a bit of a mission for me to encourage as many other kids (and adults) as I can, to join me and start their own journey's - and that's why I have launched Harrison's Journey. If I can inspire just a few of the people who read my blog, then that will make me really happy. As well as blogging about things I like, dislike and feel strongly about, you'll find stuff about exercising and cooking. My mom, and some of the great friends I have made on my journey also write blogs, so there's loads of info for you, and for your parents.



A little bit about our contributors

Kerry Wright


Hi, I'm Kerry, Harrison's Mum, or Mom as we say here! Harrison's Journey, has very much been a family journey too. I love Harrison to bits and am soo proud of him and his efforts to lead a healthy, happier life. I've learnt loads about about health, fitness and nutrition which I hope to share!

Chris Team pic


Hey All, I'm Chris. I'm a personal trainer and run my own business - Evo Fit - so you could say i'm pretty passionate about health and fitness. I was lucky to meet Kerry and Harrison at the start of their journey and have tried to encourage Harrison at every step. I hope to help you too!

Contributors - You


Whether you have already started or are just thinking of starting your own journey (why wait - start today), why not help to motivate yourselves and others by blogging about your own trials, tribulations, successes and achievements? Contact us for more information.


Some of the amazing people we've met on our journey!

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

‘Harrison is a little legend, its great to see he’s supporting kids to get fitter and healthier’.

Oli White - YouTube Star

"Hey Harrison, I’ve been watching your work and I’m a massive fan of yours!"

Karen Gillan - Actress

"I read about the stuff that you do and I think that you are an inspirational human being"

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