8 Tips to help you start to do sit-ups!

Sit Ups - Tips for kids

Sit-ups – urggh – I hate them, haha, only joking! There has been a lot said about sit-ups, with lots of people giving advice about how to do sit-ups to develop the perfect six pack. I have to say that some others have said that they’re not good for your back and can cause pain. But, if you like them and want to do them as part of your healthy journey, then I think they’re good, especially as they can easily be added into your morning or evening routine.

So that’s why I ‘like’ them and here are some of my own personal top tips to help you get started. I can’t guarantee a six-pack though.

  1. Start slowly…and build it up.

Don’t expect to do 50 sit ups from day one! Start slowly, both in terms of the number you try to do and the speed at which you do them. Lie down and take some really deep breaths. Do some simple stretches by wiggling around to help wake up your back.

  1. Take it Slow

The longer your sit up takes, the harder it will feel but the better the long-term results. Try taking three to four seconds for each sit up, pause at the top and control the way you lay back down.

  1. Do it for yourself!

Sit-ups, aren’t about showing off to your mates, or gym friends, remember, you’re doing this for you. So don’t worry about doing a hundred full sit ups. When you start off, you don’t even need to do a full motion to sitting position. Try just steadily getting your shoulders off the ground.

  1. Don’t hold it all in, breathe

Simply remember to breath out on the way up and breath out on the way down.

  1. Think and feel

I always have to remember to think about my tummy. When I think about the muscles in my tummy, I can also feel them much more. This helps me focus on my tummy rather than on other areas I am straining.

  1. Keep your neck stiff

Related to thinking and feeling about your tummy, my next tip is to keep your neck stiff. A lot of people push their heads and necks forward as they lift up, drawing their torsos up from the top instead of from their tummy (abs). It also puts more strain on your back.

  1. Roll your back flat onto the ground…

When you’re getting better and your stomach muscles are getting stronger you can start doing fuller sit-ups. When you do just make sure you roll your back flat onto the ground. This means you don’t accidentally cheat by making sure that you pause between each sit up.

  1. Get into a routine!

As I said, the thing I love about sit ups is that you don’t need any stuff and you don’t need to be in the gym. These means they are great to add into a morning or evening routine. Try 5 a day for a week, then 10 for two weeks, 15 for 3 weeks, or whatever your like. But do try to make it into a routine, because it will help you stay motivated.

This guide, is simply what I have found helpful and useful. I hope it helps you to get started to. If you have any comments or advice shoot me a comment below!

Cheers, Harrison!

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