Review: MYZONE – Health and fitness monitoring system

MYZONE - Product Review

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is an easy to use (it’s got to be for me to understand it) monitoring system that measures real time heart rate, calories and effort data.  Any physical activity done inside or out is wirelessly uploaded, which then provides data which can be accessed via an app on your phone.


I researched and investigated lots of options for Harrison and MYZONE was the easiest, most visual and most accurate one that I found that we found.

Both me and Harrison have been using MYZONE for a couple of years now and it helps us see how hard he is working when exercising and to find out what physical activity is best for Harrison and his body.  We can also have competitions when we work out together, seeing who can get into the colour zones quicker.  It also shows Harrison how hard you have to work to burn the calories he eats.  It certainly deters him from high calorie food as he knows how hard he has to work to burn it off.

MYZONE state on their website their heart rate monitor is 99% as accurate as an ECG - you can’t get better than that?

You also have a choice to join and link with other MYZONE users from all over the world as a social platform to share your work outs, also to inspire and motivate other users on their fitness journey.

How does it work?

You purchase a belt which is strapped to your body during your work out, this measures your heart rate during physical activity. There is an app to down load and fill in your personal data = age / weight / height etc. The belt automatically picks up your resting heart rate before you start exercising and tracks throughout your exercise. You open the app when you start exercising and it will give you a screen which shows your current heart rate, your name, effort your body is working at (% of Max HR) and number of calories used. As your heart works more the colour of the screen changes - blue - steady state / green moving into fat burning zone / yellow - fat burning zone and red it aerobic zone. We try and stay in the yellow zone which is manageable but still pushing your body. The belt is very unique to your hear rate. Because the effort levels are in colour zones it makes it easy to see how hard you are working during your work out.

If you have been in a high Intensity zone (Red) for too long you receive an alert as you may be in danger of overworking another bonus!

MYZONE has a built in feature that adjusts your unique effort zones as your fitness increases and as your resting heart rate and max heart rate change over time, so there is no chance of resting up!


How often do we use MYZONE?

Every time we exercise - we don’t feel we are working at a maximum capacity if we are not wearing them, they don’t get in the way either.

So as a motivational, visual piece of equipment in my opinion it’s the best that’s out there, it’s easy, comfortable, reasonably priced and accurate.

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