Harrison ate what we thought was a pretty healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, fish, fruit, pasta and occasional treats.  But it wasn't until he started to keep a food diary of what he actually ate, that we were able to see the bigger picture.

Like many teenagers up and down the country - it wasn't so much what Harrison was eating - it was much more about the amount he was eating.

We took a look at the NHS guide lines and the Change for Life website. We were already doing a lot of the things they recommended, such as changing sugar drinks for water, diluting fruit juices properly, and using low fat milk. Instead of sugary snacks and cereals, he was eating fruit, veg sticks and alternative breakfast cereals or eggs. But unfortunately there was still no change in Harrison's weight?  

It felt like there were no other alternatives until we started searching for inspiration on social media.

Who, What, Where and When

I'm really lucky to have had great support on my journey. All my family got onboard with my plan and have supported me 100%. My mom had explained that what we needed to do, wasn't about a diet, or doing something short term". Instead it's "simply the way we live our life from now on".  I've met some great people on my journey. My first hero has to be Chris and Emma, who own a fitness company near me called Evofit. You may have seen on my instagram account?  They've been amazing at help and motivate me and help me get active and improve my fitness. I have one on one sessions with Chris, and go to Emma's bootcamp with Mom.

We also decided that I needed to think more about what I was eating so I started to complete a food diary. This was a real eye opener.  I got ticks for good food and crosses for not so good food, I had to reduce the number of crosses each week.

Since starting my journey, I have had loads of support and many people ask me "how much weight have you lost?" I've learnt to understand that it's not about the weight as much as it's about my body fat percentage my fitness and health. So I tell them that of course I'm still growing and my weight will increase as I grow, but as long as my body fat is coming down, we are happy with that!

It's been an amazing journey so far...

BBC Radio 1 - Teen Hero 2017

In October 2017 I won a BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero award and WOW what an experience it was! When 6 weeks early I first found out that I had won the award for "being amazing and inspiring kids and adults across the world to get fit and healthy", I simply could not believe it and the whole experience was out of this world

 A couple of weeks before the awards I had a surprise day in London where I met some of my hero's such as Cel Spellman, Oli White and Arg off Towie! We all played a football match against my own team - I had no idea this was going to happen and it was great to experience it all with my friends!

The week of the teen awards I went to Kensington Palace to meet Prince William and Prince Harry. I was really nervous but super excited and as I thought, they were both really nice and knew a lot about my mission. I was amazed at how far I had come and how really important people were listening, supporting and encouraging me.

I also had a tour around Radio 1 studios!

The teen awards were on 22nd October at Wembley Arena - the teen hero's got to meet most of the acts in our own special room. I went on to the stage in front of 10,000 people and live on TV to collect my award it was amazing. No doubt about it the best day ever!

Meeting the Royals