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It is really hard for some people to drink the recommended daily allowance of water so Hydratem8 have made it more simple. On the side of the bottle is an interactive chart which allows you to monitor your water intake on a daily basis making sure you gradually and consistently hit levels of hydration throughout the day. We would really recommend these for adults and children - hydration is so important!

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to blenders and making smoothies. But Harrison loves frozen fruit smoothies, and if he is going to have a snack, we think he can do far worse than a smoothy. We have tried other makes and models, but none have performed better than the NutriBullet 900. (Top Tip - If you've not made smoothies before, you can find some excellent smoothy recipe books for healthy smoothies.

Harrison started to use the Healthy portion plate after he saw it on Change4Life. The Healthy Portion Plate is a 10" melamine plate that provides a simple but effective portion guide to help make eating healthier! The Healthy Portion Plate is used worldwide and within many different departments in the NHS. The concept is easy: if you eat less, you consume fewer calories and by combining this with regular exercise you're on the right track. 

MYZONE - MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt Review

If you're thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, then read our review of the MYZONE belt and app. MYZONE is an easy to use monitoring system that measures real time heart rate, calories and effort data. Both me and Harrison have been using MYZONE for a couple of years now and it helps us see how hard he is working when exercising and to find out what physical activity is best for Harrison and his body.